Xmas Strike

Xmas Strike

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“I don’t do Christmas.” This has been my declaration for about five years now. Every year, I have to say this to the same people and some new folks who may have entered my life over the year.

Some get it. Most do not.

My friends call me Scrooge. And I’m OK with that title. But today, I wanted to expound on why I don’t do Christmas.
There are two main reasons: (1) Christmas has lost its value in my opinion, and (2) Christmas time is a grieving period for me. It’s not all cookies and cream. I have had many painful experiences during this time that people do not know about nor do they try to understand. They label me as Scrooge and keep it moving. I’m OK with that too because I don’t want to share. It’s my story. It’s my journey.

Now, this post will just deal with number 1. Christmas has lost its value in today’s materialistic world. I see so many children throw temper tantrums because they do not get what they want for Christmas. I mean all out temper tantrums from falling out on the floor, screaming in anger at their parents (this one I’ve never got because I wish you WOULD raise your voice at me), pouting and refusing to play with the toys they did get (that only lasts for about ten minutes), and so on so forth.

I see parents go out and spend money they cannot afford to spend on gifts for people they don’t even like for real. Where I am from we call that “robbing Peter to pay Paul”. Then spend the next couple of months trying to catch up on bills they didn’t pay. And then they coin it (or justify it) by saying, “the look on my kids face when they open their presents is priceless” … one word to that phrase: BULLSHIT!! It has a price, a price that you pay dearly.

Sometimes that price is not monetary. There’s an emotional connection to everything we do for Christmas. From disappointment because we didn’t get what we want, to enthusiasm because we received everything we wanted. Happiness or sadness or both. They are all emotions.

Then we have those who say Christmas is about family. We all come together on that day to celebrate and spend time. But the rest of the freaking year I can’t get a text, a tic tac or nothing from you!

Let me say this to people who know me: if my actions have not shown you all year that I love and appreciate you for being in my life, then dammit one day one make a bit of a difference!

So no, I do not purchase gifts nor do I expect gifts. No, I do not send Christmas cards nor do I expect any. No, I do not decorate my home and run up my electric bill from all the lights. No I do not participate in this Christmas debauchery that everyone else in the world pride themselves in doing every single year.

But let me be clear: I do NOT judge those who do. This is simply MY feeling on the matter. You do You. I do Me. I don’t judge you. Please do not judge me.

I have friends who are Christmas fanatics! I do not go around their kids who believe in Santa Claus and tell them he doesn’t exist. I am not heartless, because I do not judge. Who am I to tell you what to believe in? I don’t believe in Santa, you can believe in Santa. So what.

Now while everyone is out enjoying their families, stores capitalizing on selling to all of these consumers spending ridiculous amounts of money on presents, kids unwrapping their gifts and destroying their toys within hours…. I will be hibernating away from the noise in my living room with my fireplace on, Macbook Air on my lap, hot coffee on the table next to me, writing my next bestseller.

Ms. Scrooge
Bah Humbug!!!


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Amazon ebook  —  Amazon paperback   —  iTunes iBook  — Nook  —  Kobo

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