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When "Never" Happens Blab with Ms. Emily Elizabeth

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Matters of My Heart When “Never” Happens campaign continues as we announce our brand NEW Emotional Support Program! The campaign discusses what to do when you find yourself in a “never” situation. Something happened that left you wondering what in the hell just happened? Or did that really just happen?

That’s what my NEW Emotional Support Program addresses. It was designed for the hurt, by the hurt, because we understand first hand what it is like to be caught off guard by life.

During the When “Never” Happens campaign, I will be interviewing other individuals who have experienced their “nevers”. The bottom line is you are not alone in your “never”, so you do not have to get through it alone. We are here to build a solid support system to help you get through what may be the toughest thing you ever had to deal with (past or present).

This week, my interview is with no other than the Visibility Strategist coach herself, Ms. Emily Elizabeth! I probably just gave her a new title, but she does so much more than helping entrepreneurs become visible online. You have to check her out.

(Full 30 minute Blab Interview Video)

I will say this again: You are NOT alone. Let Matters of My Heart help you deal with your “nevers”!

For more information about the Emotional Support Program, schedule a FREE consultation with me here. And let’s take this first step towards emotional healing together!

For more information about Emily’s Visibility Society program, please contact her at EmilyElizabethVirtual@gmail.com.

With love,

Jamie Timmons (aka Jai)
Founder of Matters of My Heart
Email: info@mattersofmyheart.com

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