Unsolicited Advice – My 2¢

Unsolicited Advice – My 2¢

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Periscope is NOT my cup of tea. Several people tried to get me to scope to build my audience reach but I am just not interested. I’ve watched other scopes and I find that the people who comment are sometimes rude and disrespectful. I guess in the scope language, they are called “trolls”, and the organizer of the scope has to be watchful and immediately block them from the live scope. That’s a lot to try to do while talking and sharing information with your audience.

So in my research, Periscope opens you up for verbal attack, and for someone in my position who is vulnerable, it’s just not an option for me or my business. For the kind of work I do with victims of abuse, it is not an option to put them in the way of harm. It is my responsibility to make them feel safe and protected. Periscope is just an open door for potential abuse. No thank you. And that’s just how I feel about Periscope. It’s not for everyone. It’s not for me or my target audience.

Don’t get me wrong, I get the business concept of building an audience, building a platform, gaining followers … but not at the mercy of my tribe. I feel like there are evil people online that seeks out to hurt others just because they are unhappy and, quite frankly, broken.

Joyce Meyer, a Christian author and speaker, once said (and I often quote this in my own writings), “Hurt people hurt people.” I will go a little further and say that broken people break others. I will not go out and proclaim that every broken person is out to break everyone in their path, and I will not even say that some of their acts are intentional. It is simply my opinion that a person that has been broken by traumatic events or life in general, if not treated with self-care, can only offer what they have, which is brokenness.

Not everyone is out to break everything and everyone. But without intentional self-care and self-awareness of where one stands emotionally, negative feelings can overtake one’s behavior that ultimately leads to negative behavior, hence my statement that ‘broken people break people’. If they are unhappy in their broken state, then they retaliate with negative words or actions toward particularly people they deem as “not” broken or “not as” broken as they are.

I will even make the bold declaration that sometimes the person who has been broken is unaware of their behavior towards others. Some are intentionally being an ass while others are completely obliviously to how they come off to others. Either way, it is up to the one who the act is gated towards, the victim if you will, to remove themselves from the situation and way away from the line of fire. Don’t let the broken break you.

So here’s my unsolicited advice, if you made it down this far in the blog, to those who come across someone who has had a tough life … wait, who hasn’t?? … okay, anyways … if you happen to know someone who is broken and continues to spew out verbal vomit to everyone in their path, don’t try to fix them! You can’t unless you are a professional therapist. You can help them identify a professional therapist or psychologist to help them cope with what they are going through. But please, don’t try to fix them yourself! You can sometimes make things a helluva lot worse!

For the broken person who sincerely feels hopeless and helpless and just down right unhappy with life, I give you my unsolicited advice as well: seek professional help. Identify someone you trust who will help you and give you the tools you need to make it through your tough time. You will NOT be able to do it alone. Take it from someone who knows from personal experience. Seek a solid, trustworthy support system, and a damn good therapist! #unsolicitedadvice #youdidntaskforit #Igaveitanyways

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