The Truth About Life

The Truth About Life

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Inspired by the Book of Ecclesiastes (in its entirety)

What is life? What is truth? What is the truth about life?

Life can be unfair.
Life can be cruel.
Life can be blissful.
Life can be short or long, meaningful or worthless.
Life is here today, gone today, but it never stops; it never pauses, there’s no break, no pull over and catch your breath with life.
Life can be full of hurts and pain.
That same life can be full of love, joy, peace, happiness.
Life is work and the effort you put into it is the effort of work you get from it.

Truth has many faces and often covered by lies.
Truth always show itself. Truth can never be a lie, it’s always true to form. Truth never changes. It is the epitome of life. It controls every moving thing. It is often rejected, despised, hated, denied … but none of that ever changes the character of Truth. What is Truth? Truth is God. And without Truth, life does not exist.

This is the Truth about Life.

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