The Heart

The Heart

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Proverbs 4:23 (King James Version) Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

The heart is a tricky and mysterious organ! It is the core of our being. It houses our beliefs, morals, values, emotions, and so many other pertinent components that represent who we are as an individual.

It can be persuaded to change any of those things that make up who we are and what we believe to be true. And because of this easily persuaded factor, the Bible tells us to “keep” it with all diligence (i.e. attention). That requires work! It requires persistence. And it requires a bit of stubbornness in order to protect it from harm. All of which is our responsibility. The Bible speaks to the man or woman to protect his or her own heart, because of what the heart houses.

As I visited my family this past week, I began to think about the heart, particularly the heart of every family member I was blessed to spend time with, even if it was only for five minutes. And I began to think and ponder on the status of my heart.

Thanksgiving Day was the first time I shared with my family how broken I truly was because of my relationship (or lack thereof) with my daughter. I became vulnerable and transparent in a space I felt completely safe to share of my broken heart. My heart has endured (and continues to endure) a great deal of pain over the past two years, but being with my close family gave me a sense of hope.

My heart is where I store love. My brain houses the memories of my daughter’s upbringing, but it is the heart that stores the incomprehensible love that I have for her. Being with my family and watching how they love on each other, despite our differences, taught me a very important lesson: when we love, we love hard.

So I ended up pondering over the heart and why it is such a mystery to me. How one moment you can love, and in the next moment you can hate – with the same organ. How one moment you can be motivated to start your business, and then the next moment find every excuse not to. How faith and fear resides in the same place. How joy and pain reside yet in the same space as faith and fear. All of these emotions reside in the same space. How can that be?

And then the scripture Proverbs 4:23 came to my mind. I will take this time as a reminder that I should keep my heart with all diligence, in other words, play close attention to my heart. Every emotion, every will to live, and every motivation to live God’s purpose for my life … it is all stored up in my heart. So even though I am in pain and I can feel the hurt and disappointment, I am reminded that there is love. And love will always prevail. Because God is love. I believed I just cracked the code!!!

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