Thanksgiving Blur

Thanksgiving Blur

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Today is a National holiday in the U.S.A. known as “Thanksgiving Day”.  Most businesses are closed for on this day, with the exception of retail stores, which is also a huge day for sales (i.e. Black Friday and Cyber Monday)! Families gather around the dining room table filled with good eats, such as baked turkey, cornbread stuffing, collard greens, baked macaroni and cheese, potato salad, sweet potato pies, peach cobbler …. Boy oh boy I am getting hungry!!! Now that’s a southern meal.

Social media goes rampant with Thanksgiving related posts and memes, pictures of food and family members, and the like. Television run marathons on movies and sitcoms of family oriented shows, such as This Christmas, Home Alone, Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. The world capitalizes off of this day as one of the happiest times for families. Everyone is in a good mood.

But not everyone is in a celebratory mood. It’s not all glitz and glory for some. Not everyone has a family to gather around the table, or food on their table. Not everyone has a long list of things to be thankful for. Sometimes, Thanksgiving is a blur. It’s a trigger for depression. It’s a trigger for remembering our loved ones that are no longer with us. It’s a trigger to remembering things we would much rather forget.

So what do you do when Thanksgiving is a blur? When you are not happy on this day? When you would be glad when it is all over? When every form of media is telling you to be thankful and spend time with your family, and you would much rather hide behind closed curtains until it is all over? What do you do?

Take your own Thanksgiving break. Do not feel compelled to follow the tradition of everyone else, but rather nurture your own mental healthiness. Yes, I did say that word. It is OK to steal away from social media (after you read this blog of course), cuddle up in your favorite pajamas and blanket, and watch non-Thanksgiving-related movies all day. The more you are surrounded by the noise of this day, the more the feelings of anxiety, depression, sadness and grief will consume your thoughts. So don’t bother with and don’t listen to those perky pests who try to find the silver lining in every dark cloud. Embrace your space, buckle down and hold on tight to your core being. There is nothing wrong with taking a break from this world and nursing your internal wounds. That is one of the ways to gain strength to continue on this journey called life. Only you are in charge of your mental health. Own it, embrace it, and move on. Live in your truth. What others think of you is none of your business. Be free from other folks’ opinions. #done #byefelicia #byecraig #doingme #takingcareofme

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