The Gifts of the Soul

The Gifts of the Soul

By Janelle Hoyland

The connection between your life here and your soul existence over time has created opportunity to release blocks and resistance in life. This now has been created by a contract between you and God.  It can create an immense amount of confusion if you do not understand what lessons and soul contracts you are dealing with on a daily basis. Egyptians, Aztec and Pleiadians all knew based on planetary alignment and intuitive guidance that this time now is going to change how we think, connect and live with each other.  For centuries they have documented this time. The universe has allowed this wonderful opportunity to grow past all conditioning that we decided upon creation.

In order for you to fully embrace this grace filled experience it is a must to look at your life with compassion for you, sense of humor, and to release what does not serve you.  You have a choice to be flexible in your life not, but know that the changes are positive for all people whether you move or not. The choices are yours. God and the all helpers love you anyway.

In my life it has caused me to realize that all things are movable. In that I mean my actions and thoughts are carefully chosen. I choose to be lead by my higher self and God. Everything I do is guided. I trust completely the support of the universe. I choose to be moved, lead by spirit and the Angels to my highest potential. I move where I need to be and choose to be connected to my path. It does get uncomfortable at times because we fear change to the core of our being. One of my favorite stories to share about my life and flowing with my guidance is this one.  I had spent the day at a party for a friend and my girls. We came home late that evening. I opened the door to go outside and right in front of the door was a lightening bug. My guides said “Go catch the lighting bug”. I go inside and get my container laughing at the fact that I am actually going to do this. I walk outside no lighting bug.  Hmm maybe I will do a song and dance that will make the bug appear.  Well of course no bug. I laughed and walked to the back yard as I turned I front of me was the lightening bug. I could not move it was less than one inch from my face. My guides said” Do you think that if we could send you a lighting bug in the moment we would not support you and supply all that you need.”

During this time when the information came in I needed some help with trust because I was called to quite my job. That moment was only about ten minutes however; it changed how I view the support we all have.

You can choose this point in time to grow to new heights and set your soul free. One of the ways is to really be open without judgment, to be objective toward yourself and others. Another step is to have compassion for yourself.  The biggest one of all is what you focus on.  Be positive. Laugh, enjoy your time here it is yours. The universe and all the light helpers want to assist you at this time so use them. They are here for you. The key is they will only help you in the ways you allow them to.  If you are open and receptive the more help you will receive.

We are all going though this time together. It causes things that we have not looked at or dealt with to come straight in your face.  I cannot tell you how many times I have heard it must only be me or am I the only one? We think and act as though you have to do this alone or figure it out. Get connected to each other. It is the small daily details that really move things. That is when you begin to see and trust because the small steps are safer to take.  Stay present to the details you may over look in people. I breathe in the space I am in to cause me to be even more present.  The act of holding your breath is fear and control. Breathe in as much life energy that you can, this too will shift your life.

The choices you choose will have a ripple effect in a positive way towards family and friends. So do be surprised, if some people do not understand the changes you have made. This will change over time. The universe always sends us back 10 fold the effort we put out. The heavens and the earth have opened to us in over drive to support us. We are the people who are here to change decades of history in this lifetime. This is a huge blessing and responsibility but one we are very capable of doing. Make a choice to shine your light and live to your fullest potential so others may shine as well.


About Janelle Hoyland…

Janelle Hoyland 

Janelle Hoyland is a soul pathway healer, a spiritual leader, a transformation specialist, a lover of life to its fullest, and a face your fears dead on person.  Born aware of her connection to the universe she has been taught by the universe to shift your awareness. She goes into the blueprint of each soul giving you a life line to your soul path direction. It is a makeover for your soul.  Currently,  she is the co-host of Spiritual Happy hour and Leader of  Spiritual Bootcamp in Houston, New jersey and Creator of I am_! A guide through personal evolution.  Houston’s first spiritual conference.

Janelle is a lover of new experiences, passionate about people and laughing hysterically. She currently resides lakeside with her husband and 3 children in South Texas.

If you are ready to shift …. come with an open heart and mind. Come play with the universe as I help you ignite your eternal golden flame. I honor all the light that has brought you here.”.

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