Hidden Tears and Silent Cries: How Do Men Cry?

Hidden Tears and Silent Cries: How Do Men Cry?

By Levi Timmons


Tears of Joy, Tears of Sadness, Tears of Pain, Tears of  Fear, Tears of Hopelessness, Tears of Comfort, etc…

Tears have many forms of expression and yet, only a few are often shed by men….so it is said! But is this a true statement or just a misinterpretation of “men”?  Real men don’t cry or do they? Tears are a sign of weakness…is it really? Do “men” cry…perhaps we’ve been asking the wrong question all this time! The question is not “do” men cry, but rather “how” do men cry?

When a bear cub has lost its mother and cries out, how often do you see the tears flow from its eyes? When a baby bird falls from its nest and you hear the mother crying out in pain, do you see the tears fall from her eyes? The truth is men do cry, but it’s not always expressed from their eyes. It’s often expressed in their actions.

Do tears have to be associated with crying in order to solidify true sympathy, empathy, passion or general concern or is it just socially unacceptable to cry without tears? Many relationships have been destroyed because of this misconception regarding “men” and “tears”. One of the most common controversial acts of a man’s cry is his silence. Why is he just sitting there in silence? What does that silence mean? Why won’t he say something? The silence can be a cry of help, pain, confusion, brokenness, but most importantly the SILENCE can be speaking very loudly for those who are willing to listen!

Is it as simple as this? Most men are impulsive and most women are emotional therefore, men are silent because we can’t handle expressing our emotions so we opt to express the action of…Silence!

Sometimes, I wish it was just that simple!


Look for more to come in my book, “Hidden Tears and Silent Cries: How Do Men Cry”!


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