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I Fell In Love With My Daddy

I Fell In Love With My Daddy

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He was a smooth talker. He knew exactly what to say to capture my attention. He made me laugh. Like a real hard laugh that makes your side hurts. I

My Love Story

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Love is a beautiful thing. It is also a risky thing. Anytime you take a chance to love, you also take the chance of being hurt, being disappointed, being misunderstood,

Where is the "Love" in "Logic"?

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So I was having a very interesting conversation with a guy friend of mine about his relationship. He was having some issues with his lady, and he kept saying, “if

Don't Confuse Love With Abuse

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I wrote a blog earlier about Love Doesn't Hurt … this blog is simply about a discovery of me just three nights ago. It was my grandmother’s birthday – she