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Featured on SarahScoop.com!

Featured on SarahScoop.com!

Jai 0 comment Abuse, Domestic Violence, Emotional Support, Faith, God, Happiness, Life, Love, Overcoming Challenges, Pain, Survivor, Truth

Hi everyone! I am super excited to be featured as a guest of SarahScoop.com's blog! I believe she captured my voice beautifully and I was able to share my true

[Video] Interview with Nigerian Author Chikamso Efobi

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A couple of days ago, I had the distinct pleasure to finally sit down with my newfound friend, Ms. Chikamso Efobi (pronounced Cheek-um-so F-O-B), but you can call her Chika

He Loved On Me

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I know when you first hear the word “love” you reference a relationship between two partners. You reference a strong connection between a man and a woman; or a woman

When “Never” Happens Blab with Ms. Colyn Wanjiru Chege

Jai 0 comment Abuse, Church, Domestic Violence, Emotional Support, Faith, God, Happiness, Homosexuality, Overcoming Challenges, Pain, Truth, Uncategorized

Matters of My Heart When “Never” Happens campaign continues as we announce our brand NEW Emotional Support Program! The campaign discusses what to do when you find yourself in a


Jai 0 comment Life, Overcoming Challenges, Pain, Relationships, Survivor, Truth, Uncategorized, Victim

Here I am again, sorting through my repertoire of notes, and found a really good one about sharing! First of all, please do NOT leave an open space for me

Back Together

Jai 0 comment God, Life, Pain, Truth, Uncategorized

Last night I was sitting in my bed, with laptop in my lap, researching something in regards to my businesses... the television was on but I wasn't really paying attention.

Who Am I Really?

Jai 2 Comments Life, Love, Uncategorized

Have you ever asked yourself that question? Have you ever wondered, “Who the hell am I?” I have. And the follow-up question then became, “Who do I want to become?”

My Legacy

Jai 2 Comments Abuse, Bullying, Church, Domestic Violence, God, Life, Love, Overcoming Challenges, Pain, Relationships, Religion, Survivor, Uncategorized

If I leave this earth tonight, what do I want people to remember about me? What would be my legacy? Confession time: I haven’t always been so nice to people,

Loving Me: Flaws and All

Jai 0 comment God, Happiness, Life, Love, Pain, Relationships, Survivor, Truth, Uncategorized

Hi everyone, if you’ve been following along with my posts, last night I wrote a blog titled “God loves me: flaws and all”. Tonight is part two of that blog