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Special Message: The Effects of Hurt

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“The Effects of Hurt”

by Levi Timmons
Guest Blogger of Matters of My Heart


During a conversation with a friend, I received a very interesting thought regarding the effects of hurt. They stated that they feel they may lose their “capacity” to trust or love again as the result of being hurt.

In that moment, I was given an interesting thought concerning that statment. I admit that being hurt initiates many different emotions and thoughts that we may never experience any other way. However, losing our “capacity” is a specific feeling in itself.

Losing our capacity or another way of looking at it is to say…to be emptied of something that we were once filled to our highest level with and now we are depleted of it with no ability to be refilled again!

The beauty of that thought is this: because of how we were created, we could never lose our capacity to receive again. What was lost can be restored, what was broken can be fixed, and when we're hurt we can be healed. Click To Tweet

However, our thoughts can render us incapable of receiving restoration, comfort, support, and new viewpoints. It’s in this state that our negative thoughts fester and eventually becomes fear which leads to doubt. Then we began to believe that we can never love or trust again.

Please don’t allow your past hurtful experiences cause you to become a slave to fear. Live and don't just exist in life. Click To TweetCreate new positive moments and live in them and not those that keep you connected to pain, fear, and doubt.

Love is a beautiful thang, but many of us have forgotten how to appreciate it, and it seems to have lost it value. But I am here to tell that Love is still needed in this world and it’s just as valuable today as it was the first you felt its power.

Just my thoughts…open up to love in the right way again and you feel its power once more.

Take care of your heart my friends and family.



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