Slaying Giants

Slaying Giants

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“Giants do die…the bigger they are, the harder they fall.” – TeResa LaShay

Whew, my sister posted this on Facebook this morning and stirred up a fire deep down in me!!! Hence why I am blogging twice in the same day, hahahahahaha. Oh well, I love to write.

Listen, I wanna break down this thing called, “giants”! There are many “giants” in our lives. You know, those things that try to take us out; try to silent our voice; try to keep us from moving in our purpose; keep us from moving in the power of God that is within us; keep us from functioning in a healthy way. Yeah, giants are all around us.

Giants are BIG. They are HUGE. They TAKE OVER SPACE. And they are DEMANDING. They require a lot of ENERGY and ATTENTION. They DRAIN us mentally, emotionally and, especially, spiritually. But the good news is, as my oldest sister so eloquently put it: they DO DIE!!!

I am not speaking about the little wimps like losing a job, but I am talking about losing a baby. Yep, that loss is a GIANT boo. That loss will cause you to lose your mind. That loss will drain every ounce of energy from your soul because, as a woman, we carry that baby from within. We are attached and that baby is our lifeline. When a baby dies, that lifeline is cut and ripped from our soul. Men go through the same thing except their umbilical cord to their child is spiritual whereas for women it is both natural and spiritual. A loss is a loss. Neither is greater than the other. Simply loss. That is the GIANT in which I am speaking of today.

I am not talking about the little wimps like having a bad day because nothing is going your way. Depression, that’s a GIANT boo. That will cause you to give up on life and contemplate suicide. That will stop you from living your purpose-filled life. That will cause you to lose hope that things will get better. You see no hope, therefore you see no future. Darkness is all you see. That is the GIANT I am talking about today.

I am not talking about little wimps like a computer crash and you lost all of your files. Anxiety attacks, Nervous breakdowns, mental crashes, hallucinations, those are GIANTs boo. Those will eventually hospitalize you and leave you incapacitated or institutionalized. When you no longer control what you think, say or do. That is the GIANT I am talking about today.

This post is about the GIANTs in life that alters your entire life; they alter your norm; they alter your heart; they try to destroy your core (remember my blog earlier? Here it is if you haven’t read it yet).

But the good news is still, GIANTS DO DIE!! And God is in the GIANT SLAYING BUSINESS! And the best news is God is within me, which makes me a GIANT SLAYER too! I am thereby on a mission to slay every GIANT in my path. I am equipped, I am armed, and I am ready. Who’s with me? Who’s on my team? Who’s ready to take back your life and slay these damn GIANTs?? They have run amuck too long. It is high time to silence them. And do it NOW.

Last thing and I am done, but every GIANT I spoke of today, I have encountered in my own life. Some of those GIANTs were taken out all at once. Others were chopped down bit by bit. And others will come back again to see if I am still in the GIANT slaying business, only to be killed again.

I am reminded that God’s mercies are renewed every morning. So whenever a GIANT pokes his ugly head up, I go to the Word of God and simply say, “Off with your head!” GIANTs will not last in my presence or my life.

In love,

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Desiree Figg December 1, 2015 at 6:39 pm

I love this post! Great inspiration to keep going! I have my 5 smooth stones and I’m with you!


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