Silent Suffering

Silent Suffering

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Not a lot of people know that I suffer with a condition called, in simple terms, an “injured nerve” in my lower pelvic area. It causes severe nerve pain that feels like a needle being stuck in my womanhood. How graphic is that?? Guys, so that you can share in this visual, it feels like a needle being stuck in the head of your manhood. Got it? So yeah, when it flairs up, that’s the feeling. It can be mild or severe but I often experience one or the other once a month around the time of my menstrual cycle.

There is no treatment per se for this condition. No specific medication. Most pain management doctors prescribe antidepressants as a form of pain medication. The downside is the side effects such as hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, weight gain, etc. Do any of that sound fun? I’ll answer resoundingly with a HELL NO! So after trying this method of medicating for a year, I took pain management into my own hands.

I had to learn my body and what triggers the severity of the pain. I will never be able to rid the injured nerve, so the pain is inevitable; but I learned that I can control the magnitude of it. Meaning, it could be mild or severe and all I had to do was learn which action(s) triggered which level of pain, with the effort to remain on the mild side as much as possible. You dig? Ain’t nobody got time for pain!

So, in learning my body, I discovered two triggers to severe nerve pain during my menstrual cycle: (1) stress; and (2) exercise that concentrates in that area of the injured nerve. Pain management has now been added to my resume :-), because I’ve mastered the art of avoiding pain. And if it happened to slip through due to my neglect, I’ve also managed the mastery of managing it while it lasted.

Now that’s a whole mouthful right there! Did you catch that? Did you get the message? No, my blog is not really about my injury, but it’s really about managing PAIN. Yes folks, I declare there is a pain management system for every level and every area of pain that exists. Infidelity, rape, low self-esteem, pride/ego injuries, injuries from the church and church leaders … the list goes on and on. I think I should package that pain management system into a pretty little brand and take this thang on the road.

Here’s the bottom line: if you can master managing your pain, you can live a life free from it. I have the secret, but who gives out secrets for free these days??? I’ll answer that for you: your girl, Jai.  I have already launched my campaign spilling secrets out the wahzoo ( Wanna know what the secret to living a pain free life? Wanna know what the hell a pain free life is?? Then you have to do one simple thing that really AIN’T simple at all: SILENT NO MORE!

Matters of My Heart provides a safe place to talk about those things that are not easy to talk about. We are a judgement free organization that promotes and encourages conversation either in a group or private setting. Because talking about that thang will give voice to what happened in the dark (meaning no one knew about it except you and the perpetrator) and releases you from being bound by it. Hence the free part. Whelp, that’s my plug for the day. My juicy secret revealed! Until next time peeps ….


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