Serving Others

Serving Others

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“It’s easy to get busy and think, ‘I’ve got enough problems of my own. I don’t have time to help others.’ But helping others could be the key to seeing your situation turn around. When you get down low to lift someone up, in God’s eyes, you can’t get any higher. Helping hurting people is the closest thing to the heart of God.” – Joel Osteen Ministries

This post I read on my timeline in Facebook brought tears to my eyes. Lately, that is not hard to do. Seems like I have been crying a lot lately. Whether it is from sadness over my “strained” relationship with my daughter (that’s what the court calls it), or out of awe at how far God has brought me and how He has kept me through it all. The latter brings the most tears, I must admit.

Time and time again, I have posted that the ultimate sacrifice is servitude. When I think back over my life, I wonder what it was all about. I am constantly reminded in my spirit that it was for someone else. I was created by my Creator to serve. Matter of fact, there is no greater joy in my soul than when I can put a smile on someone else’s face… when I can lighten the load of someone else’s spirit… when I can calm someone else’s fears. In doing so, it makes my shit less smelly.

I bet that last sentence caught most of you off guard. I tend to be random at times. It keeps me free to be me in whatever form I choose to be.

But seriously, helping someone else takes my focus off of my own problems. And if I don’t have time to focus on my problems, they can’t magnify and consume my life. And it doesn’t look as bad. You know, when you give focus to something, the problem seems bigger than it actually is… and then I begin to battle feelings such as low self-esteem, hopelessness, doubt, depression, sadness, loneliness … you get the point.

So rather than dwell on the negative, I busy myself with helping others. In helping them, I am actually helping myself. #winning

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