Own Your Sh*t

Own Your Sh*t

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Don’t you hate it when people make bold statements to one person then deny it when it gets back to you? So irritating. I don’t respond well to weak-minded people who can’t own what they say. If you feel a certain way, then own it! Be a man or woman and own your own sh*t!

I met this lady who came into my life through a mutual acquaintance. Initially, I was sold by the words of this lady. I believed everything she said because she didn’t give me a reason not to … you know the saying, innocent until proven guilty. Well damn! Low and behold, words from this same lady found its way back to my camp of extravagant lies she began to tell on me. Now, I don’t do the drama wagon. I’m too grown, I’m too old, I’m too busy and I don’t have time. I have zero tolerance for foolery. And I’ve learned not to entertain anything that does not push me towards my goal or my purpose in life. So I’m quick to cut you and everything about you out of my life. Unapologetically. And with no explanations. BYE FELICIA!!!  #chuckupthedeuces

Anyway, as I thought about this lady, she reminded me of what the Bible says about those who sow discord amongst each other. It’s one of the seven deadly sins. God doesn’t tolerate them. And quite frankly, neither do I. When I confronted her, because you know I did, she denied every single lie. Of course she would. People like that tell lies to make them look good. But the underlying truth is they are so unhappy with themselves, they have to put others down.  Misery loves company. It’s sad. It’s cyclical. And it happens. Some of us spend our entire adulthood trying to get over our childhood. Some succeed, others … not so much. They become the abuser (yes, I said it) and try to take down every good thing with their words and actions. The problem arises when you step into my world. I’m not a bully and I can’t be bullied. I’m a fighter. I’ve had to fight my whole life, both physically and spiritually, so I don’t really back down from a good fight. I go head up. If you want it, come get it. But be prepared for my response. Most are not because I’m so small in physique, my personality is bubbly and warm on most days, and they mistake my kindness for weakness. Has that ever happened to you?? Yeah, well, I tell people all the time, I have “ratchet on speed dial boo boo.” I pull her out when necessary. And one of the things that pull her out is when someone can’t own their own sh*t.

On the flip side, I’ve said and done things of which I’m not necessarily proud. I’ve had to come clean to the people I’ve hurt deeply. And though it hurt me and made me extremely uncomfortable, I had to own my sh*t. It’s not the easiest thing to do; I was embarrassed and ashamed. And I can honestly say that I am a better woman today because of it. My integrity is on level 1,000; my principles are intact; my love is stronger than ever; and my actions match my words. So if I can do it, everyone who is allowed in my camp is held to the same expectations, the same standards, the same requirements. And if you can’t uphold your own words, you’re not welcomed here. BYE FELICIA.

Needless to say, the lady refused to own the lies, so I had no choice but to sever the relationship. Again, I say: BYE FELICIA!! (disclaimer– her name is not Felicia). The moral of the story is, Own Your Sh*t!! It’s yours, you started it, you finish it. Simple as that.


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