Move in Silence

Move in Silence

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Today I was talking to my nephew and he said these words to me, “I move in silence.” Curious about what he meant, I asked him to explain. And he said, “You see, that’s what’s wrong with people now. They tell everybody their moves. So everyone knows what they are going to do before they even do it. The devil knows too and he can stop it because you just told him what you’re going to do. So I move in silence. You will know what I’m doing, once it’s done.”


Now, my nephew is 18 years old and I always tell him that he has the gift of gab. That young fellow can talk his way out of anything and convince people that he knows what the hell he’s talking about! Most of it is bullshit. But sometimes, every now and then, he says something powerful and actually makes sense! This was one of those times.


Now let me tell you what’s going on with me. In my living room, plastered all over my wall, are large pieces of paper with my business strategy. It’s my moves. While I’m building and creating, I write it on my wall of action. And because I have my business strategy on my wall, whom I invite to my home is very limited. Actually, I don’t invite people over. Only a select few people have seen it. I can count them on one hand… so let’s just say five people have seen it.


Then last night, one of my guy friends, who know about my wall of action and how I feel about guests, wanted to invite some strange woman over to my home!!! Immediately, I was furious! It’s not like we didn’t just have this conversation less than seven days prior! He knew that I am very selective who is welcomed in my home. But he felt comfortable enough, or maybe it was the “juice”, to think it would be OK with me to invite someone that I’ve never seen or met before in my sanctuary?!?!?! Livid. Stupid. Dumb. Not happening. #BoyBye!


Needless to say, I used some sharp choice words and ended the text conversation.


Fast forward to today, my nephew says to me about moving in silence. My problem is I talk about my business to everybody. I’m so excited about what I’m doing, and passionate about this journey, that I run my mouth to anyone with a listening ear! Is that wrong? Is my nephew on to something?


I’m not afraid of anyone stealing my ideas. But I am naive to believe that everyone will have the same protective gear that I have about my business. It is rather naive to believe that others would think it is sacred to know what I know and do what I do, how I do it.


My community is filled with people who have been hurt by society, hurt by the church, hurt by a loved one, hurt by life in general. They MUST feel a level of security, a level of protection, a level of trust. And I built a program that provides and sustains that protection.


Here’s the funny thing: it’s hard to find someone who gets that completely, unless you are from that world — our world. They may nod their heads while I’m talking about the importance of privacy; but then they would do something completely opposite of what I just proclaimed, like trying to bring strangers in my space!!! This warrants another #BoyBye!


So it’s not the ideas I am trying to protect, it is my community. I will not allow them to be attacked under the protection of Matters of My Heart, LLC. I will not put them in a space to be attacked or to be compromised in any way. That is my commitment to them.


So the moves I make are strategized, intentional, and focused. I have one goal in mind: to reach you by any means necessary. If you watch my moves, you will see how my program is built and carried out.


The emotional support program itself is secured. It is private. It is confidential. How I induct people into the program is not. I am not silent because you have to be able to reach me. I have to be on every available platform for you to reach me, and for me to reach you. Once we are together, everything from that moment becomes silent to the public.


That’s all. #wordsbyJai #SilentNoMore #MattersofMyHeart #missionbound #focused #healinghomes #oneheartatatime

I have one goal in mind: to reach you by any means necessary. #wordsbyJai #SilentNoMore #MattersofMyHeart Click To Tweet

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Thank you,

Founder of Matters of My Heart, LLC

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meizegers March 13, 2016 at 9:08 am

These are important points. Do not forget them as you move forward. It is easy to forget when you are so busy and thinking about “what now and what next”.


    Jai March 13, 2016 at 9:15 am

    You are so right, Mei! I have to keep this in mind and heart as opportunities present itself that may compromise my mission to protect and serve. A constant prayer that God would lead and guide me in every decision! Security is the backbone of what I do… I know how important it is and detrimental to our growth to be healed from past hurts. Thank you for always keeping me grounded! You really do 🙂 Miss you tons!!!


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