Where is the "Love" in "Logic"?

Where is the "Love" in "Logic"?

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So I was having a very interesting conversation with a guy friend of mine about his relationship. He was having some issues with his lady, and he kept saying, “if it doesn’t make logical sense, then I’m not going to do it. Period.” And he kept saying that over and over again. Even the ‘period’, which means he wasn’t open to talk about it or even hear options. He was being completely stubborn insinuating that it’s either his way or the highway (coincidentally, she left him – what a surprise?). So, perhaps half an hour later (or at least that’s what it felt like to me) of being quiet and listening to his side of the story, I finally asked, “Sooooooo, where is the love in logic?” And, just like I knew he would, he sat and looked at me dumbfounded as if to say, “Who cares?” Then he became a little defensive at the nerve of me bringing up something that had nothing to do with what he was saying. Oh but it did!!!

Now, I totally get the difference between how a woman responds to a relationship versus how a man responds. Most men do look for the logic of buying flowers for his lady just because, or opening every door for his lady, or sending a random ‘I love you’ text without expecting booty… you get my point. They need a reason to do something for their lady and definitely expect something in return. I mean, a naked freak better be at the end of me driving all the way across town for your favorite pastry!

Whereas women are more prone to doing things for their man on the basis of love. We love taking care of you. We love cooking dinner and your reaction when you take that first bite of homemade macaroni and cheese. We love the look on your face when you’re making love to us. We love seeing a smile on your face as a result of something we did for you. We love the idea of love. So everything we do for you is in the name of love.

So, again, when you pair a man with a woman, you pair logic with love. Two different things, both expecting the same outcome. And usually, it is the woman who expects the man to give up his logic and trust the process of love. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go down like that, hence the arguments, disagreements, heated discussions, silent treatment slamming doors kind-of-thing.

Where is the “compromise”? Isn’t that what relationship is all about? I have my love, you have your logic, how do we make this work for the betterment of togetherness? My answer? Sex and lots of it. #theend

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