When You Know What You Know

When You Know What You Know

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Almost seven years ago, my purpose was made clear as I sat in a hotel room in Kenya. I was to be the voice of the child crying in the dark. At the time, I had no idea what that meant really. All I knew was that I was working on my first book, It is Forbidden, which started as a personal journal. In the midst of writing one of the most challenging stories of my life, I kept hearing, “you will be the voice…”

Over the years, the vision became clearer and clearer. Who knew in that hotel room in a foreign land so far away from home would be the beginning of my journey towards healing? And it all began with my voice. The moment I began to speak on the things that happened was the moment I began to be freed from the bondage of pain.

So the personal journal became a book. And that book birthed an idea for another book in a whole new genre. And that book birthed another one. And now I am working on my fourth book, with ideas for two more books.

You see, the more I talked about my experience, the more people began to share with me of their experience. And then the next question they would ask me once they found out that I published a book, “Will you help me tell my story?” After about three offers to write a book for someone else, the vision became clear. I am the voice of the child crying in the dark. Ahhhh, “child” does not necessarily mean literally, but figuratively.

Sometimes when traumatic events happen in our childhood, the child “us” becomes trapped within. Years may pass by and that child within remains silent. But what is on the inside will eventually manifest itself on the outside. If we do not face the ugly truths of our past, it will always feel like we are climbing an uphill battle.

I was once that child. I was once silent. I was once bound by my own pain. With the help of a professional therapist and my support group, I was able to walk through the fire. And now I know without a doubt my purpose in life. The ultimate sacrifice is servitude. When you know what you know, you then implement and do.

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