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This week in the United States of America, we celebrate as a country what has been labeled as “Thanksgiving Day”. Now, I am not going into an educational rant of how this holiday was created or the background of its existence. I am going to keep it very surface level and say that it is notoriously known as the day families get together, prepare a large meal, and break bread together. Families travel from across the world to spend this day together with other family members, both near and far. It’s a family day. People who have not seen, or spoken to, or dealt with each other over the course of the year will come together on this very day.

Confession time: I get so caught up in my work that I don’t call or text any of my blood sisters throughout the year. We are Facebook friends and communicate that way. They are kept abreast to all of the things I am doing and vice versa. And every time we see each other face-to-face, two things happen every single time: we hug each other and kiss all over each other and tell the other how much we love them … and when it is time to depart to go back to our homes in another state, we hug each other and kiss all over each other and tell the other how much we love them as tears fall from our eyes. There is a deep rooted love we have for each other; without the phone calls and texts in between. We also make false promises that we are going to do better about the lack of communication, but we don’t. We go back home to our lives and get caught up again with everyday living and expenses.

The love we have for each other runs deep. It is unspoken, but we know it is there. And we rise to the occasion when we need to. We show up when we need to. We show out when we need to. We fight hard and we love hard. We laugh and we cry when we are together. It is truly magical!

So as I sit in my mother’s kitchen while everyone is asleep (I love quiet moments), and I ponder over my family members and how grateful I am to be a part of this family, I smile.  I take in the moments and conversations I have had with my mother, and sisters, and father, and everyone that I have visited thus far. I take in the scenery of my hometown. I take in the fact that my pops (my mom’s hubby) has prepared a hot teapot of water for me and my mom before he leaves for work; so when we wake up, our coffee is ready.  I take in that my mother has prepared a home cooked meal (breakfast and dinner) each day of our visit thus far! Our favorite foods I might add. She’s spoiling us rotten! And I am NOT complaining.

The little simple things we do for each other when we are together speak volumes! So what if it is only one day out of a year that we might see each other? And because we live so far away, there could be years before we would see each other again. But in those moments we are blessed to be in the presence of each other, I cherish, I soak in, I maintain the beauty of the memories.  And I love on my family!

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