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It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect, It Just Has To Be Started

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People ask me all the time how is my business doing… most of them are just trying to figure out how the hell I was able to walk off of a well paying 9-5 into full time entrepreneurship with no savings account; others are waiting to hear that I failed; some are wondering if it’s really working out; blah blah blah. There’s a mix of people who are supporting me, people who are waiting for me to fail, people who are living vicariously through me because they wished they had the balls to do it, people who don’t feel I’m qualified to do what I do because they think they know me and where I’m at (yes, I went ghetto so go with it).

So in an effort to put to rest all of the whispers, wonderings, how the hells, and so forth… let me share this story with you.

It comes from the Book of Luke. Chapter 17. Verses 11-19. Yep, that’s where you will find this story as I paraphrase ( is a good resource of reference). Matter of fact, click here for the exact passage of scripture that I am about to share with you in my own laymen words. Click right HERE.

Let’s jump right into it.

Verses 11-13 – Jesus was traveling somewhere between Samaria and Galilee, and He was walking through a village. There he met 10 lepers. Now off the bat, let me explain that lepers back in those days were people who were believed to have been stricken with a disease as a punishment from disobeying God. So they were shun from the “normal” population. They often congregated together since they shared a commonality of being shun and afflicted.

It’s kind of like in church how they shun you from hanging with the classy, holy ones because you dress different, talk different, look different, got a baby out of wedlock, single, gay… well, you get my point.

So anyway 10 of them saw Jesus come in the hood and knew of Him apparently because they called out to Him, “Jesus, Master, have mercy on us.”

Stop right there.

I don’t care how far in the pit you think you are… when God steps in the building, you know and you recognize that the ONLY one who can heal you or help your current situation is … who?? Yeah…

Back to the story.

Verse 14, Jesus heard their cry and responded, “Go to the priests.”

Stop right there.

Jesus knew of His power. He knew that all He had to do was think that they were healed and the lepers would be healed on the spot. But instead, He gave them instructions. He made them wait for it. He made them work for it. He simply said, “Go.”

How many of you are stuck where you are because you heard God say, “Go” and you never went? But you see someone else walking and moving in the thing God told you to do, and they look as if it is so effortlessly? Then you feel some type of way because that should’ve been you; but instead, you’re stuck?

Okay, I digress. Back to the story (I’m a long storyteller in case you haven’t figured it out yet).

Let’s finish up verse 14… the rest of that verse said after Jesus commanded the 10 lepers to go to the priests, that they went. HA!!! They didn’t question, they didn’t give it a second thought, they didn’t scratch their heads and look around to see if anyone else was going, they WENT.

Why did they do that? Why didn’t they question? I would believe that they must’ve heard about Jesus! I would say they must’ve encountered Jesus before and they knew that if He said to do something, no question allowed. Just do it. Obviously, Jesus had the solution to their problems. They tried every doctor. They tried every herbal medicine. They tried every diet. Nothing worked.

The Bible said, AS they went, they were cleansed. Oftentimes we want to WAIT on the cleansing before we act. We want to WAIT on the healing before we move when God is saying MOVE first and the healing will come AS you walk in your purpose. AS you walk in faith. AS you speak to His people. AS you build a platform. AS you build a business system. AS you………ACT.

Hold on… praise break! Every time I read this story I get excited. I was in several conversations just the past few days and this very passage of scripture just kept coming up!

So to all of you naysayers out there that’s wondering why I’m doing what I’m doing… how the hell I can walk off of a job without a conventional back up plan…. God is my plan. I don’t need a backup. #wordsbyJai #MattersofMyHeart Click To Tweet.

He said, “Go and I will provide.” And guess what…. that’s what I’m doing. And further more, that’s what HE’S doing.. He’s providing. Hallelujah!

You see, I’ve tried listening to my friends. I’ve tried listening to business advisors. I’ve tried listening to these online spiritual guidances. I’ve tried listening to my damn self. Hell, I even tried listening to the devil! Guess what?? I was left desolate. I was left empty. I was left alone.

But when I began to accept that God has a purpose for my pain. He has a purpose for my story. He has a purpose for my life. I had to shut out the noise and listen to His voice. THAT is when I was able to GO, without looking back.

Now I hear clearly and I obey immediately.

I didn’t wait until Matters of My Heart was completely built before I started the business. Hell, I didn’t even have the emotional support program completely done before I started marketing it! God told me to GO!! When I began to work on Matters of My Heart, things came together as He wanted them to. He began to put the right people in my life, the right people in my path, the right people in my circle… can I tell you that #FireandIce was started as a Joint Venture from a relationship that was nurtured by networking?

People begat people who begat people! That means the more people I met, the more my business began to grow.

Now, Matters of My Heart has an emotional support program, a self-publishing company, a radio show, a store, joint partnerships with other entrepreneurs, volunteer opportunities with large nonprofit organizations, and so on… why? Because I obeyed God’s instruction to GO.

Sometimes, I don’t have to have all the answers. Though I am an extreme control freak, God has taught me over the past few years how to master the art of letting go and really trust Him. So I’m not as bad a control freak 🙂 LOL. He has a way of doing that…

Now, let me also say that I am NOT encouraging anyone to walk off of their job to start a business!!!! My journey is simply that: MY JOURNEY. It’s my personal walk with God. You do you, I do me; we stay in our lanes. And all is well.

I would not tell anyone to do what I did. I have no idea why in the world He had me to do this like this. But hey, I have enough history with God to know when He speaks. I know His voice intimately.

Now that is something I would encourage you: learn God’s voice. Know it when He speaks. Hint: He speaks to our heart.

Back to the story: the rest of the verses 15-19 talk about how 10 of them were healed but only one came back to thank Jesus for the healing… that’s another blog another day! Jesus healed the ungrateful ones but it was the grateful one that came back that received faith AND healing! Put a pin right there :-).


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