Lioness Marks

Every time I get undressed, I am reminded of my stretch marks. I hated them because I didn’t have the proper prospective. Now I do. They are my lioness marks. I am a lioness. I bore four cubs with this human body. My stomach and breasts stretched to capacity. Growing and grooming a baby human […]

The Weight of It All

I am sitting here looking at myself in the mirror. I am definitely not proud of what I see. I have gained weight. I cant fit into my size 6 pants anymore. I am now in a size 12. I want to cry. But what is crying going to do. I have put on pounds. […]

Review: Jesus Is King

  I never in a million years thought that I would be listening and playing a Kanye West record in my home or vehicle. I been following Kanye since the Kanye Sunday Services started and to see him surrender to Christ brings me so much joy. I saw the headlines and the spiral down that […]

Black Don’t Crack

My black has cracked. Cracked from the pain and suffering. Of the color of my skin. Arrows of hate and racism. Pierces my heart. My black is bleeding. Bleeding from injustice. Bullets of rage. Loaded in a gun. All because my skin. My black skin. It bothers many. If you were to see. My skin […]

The battlefield

I been fighting. Fighting for a very long time. To the point of exhaustion. Fighting lies. Lies that are perceived as truth. Fighting for my identity. Fighting against my identity. Fighting for love. Fighting against love. Fighting for joy. Fighting against joy. Fighting for hope. Fighting against hope. Fighting for peace. Fighting against peace. Fighting […]

A New Thing

How can GOD do a new thing within our lives, If we are still holding on to the old thing. It is easy to hold on to the familiar Because that’s what is comfortable Even if it is not right for us. We don’t realize that we are fighting, Fighting against our own prayers. Praying […]

Look Again

This weekend I was helping my children put their beds together and for some odd reason, I was having trouble putting the rails together. I never had this problem before and so I became quite frustrated. I was very irritated that it was taking me a long amount of time to get this bed together. […]

Battling Unbelief

This morning I was laying quietly on my bed. Then I heard, “UNBELIEF.” I immediately said, LORD HELP MY UNBELIEF! But I feel as though this was directed on a much larger scale. THE CHURCH. I been thinking a lot lately about the miracles, signs, and wonders. Those things only follow those who believe!!!! But […]


Broken = Damaged or no longer in working order Other words for “Broken” are shattered, fragmented, and/or crushed. As I sit here in practically tears, I cant help but wonder is that the condition of my precious heart? I believe it to be so, and here is why! My heart has been drugged through the […]

The Funeral

You are invited. To the funeral. Here lies. The death. Of the past. The death. Of what was. The death. Of yesterday. The death. Of the lies. The death. Of the shame. The death. Of the anguish. The death. Of the unshakeable pain. The death. Of the abuse. The death. Of the trauma. The death […]