Bye 2015!

Bye 2015!

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For the past two years, around this time, I was excited to just have made it through the year. Most of you know that the past 2 1/2 years have been hell for me, to say the least; but I always looked forward to saying goodbye to that year of hell!

But the sad part was… I did not have any “hope” that the next year would be better! All I knew is that I wanted that year to be over. I had no vision. I had no hope. I had no nothing (and yes, the double negative was intentional).

In my therapy session this week, she gave me homework: make a list of things you want to say goodbye to before going into the next year.

Unbeknownst to her, or maybe she really did know, that this homework gave me what was missing the past two years: a vision. Hope. Faith. Love and finding love. Purpose. Matters of My Heart. Jai the Author Publishing. Businesses. Mine. Entrepreneurship. Ownership. Freedom. Goals. Missions. LIFE.

THAT is what was missing. And though those elements are many, to me, they are all ONE.

I realized that what I was missing the past two years was VISION. And all of those things I named above are part of my vision. Time to pull out that dusty old vision board I created a while ago and bring it to life.

Will the crying stop? Probably not. Will the pain of a broken relationship be mended? Perhaps. Will I continue to mourn the death of that relationship? Yes. Mourning and grieving is a process. Let it take its course.

Before, I had no hope for the next year. Today, I am already planning for my book launch in January; my self-publishing company launch in February; my emotional support program launch in March; book tours, movie deals, talk show guesting, traveling, healing, living, loving, and of course more writing! All a part of my vision; all a part of my life; all a part of my journey. #letsgetit #tellsomebody #comingsoontoacitynearyou

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