Broken Trust

They always wonder.

Why am I  alone.

Away from living life.

Away from family gatherings.

Away from the hustle and bustle.

Away from politics.

Away from entertainment.

Away from the latest gossip.

Away from the media.

I tell them.

Bc of Broken Trust!

From the time I was a child.

Those closest to me.

Broke my trust.

They violated me.

Manipulated me.

Stole from me.

My childhood.

Stole from me.

My innocence.

Stole from me.

My trust.

Now I am here.

An adult.

With Broken Trust.

A wall around me.

Like a fortress.

Letting no one in.

Bc of Broken Trust.















Love Thyself

Loving thyself is not conceited.

Loving thyself is the gateway.

The gateway to love others.

How you see yourself,

Is how you will see others.

Love all your flaws.

Because they makeup your uniqueness.

Be secure in love as you see yourself,

Face to face in your reflection.

Stare into the eyes of love.

As you look into the mirror.

Smile at love.

And love will smile back at you.

Love thyself.

Because you were created to love.

But it begins with you.

Accepting who you are.

And knowing you are Gods Masterpiece!



Do yourself a favor and FORGIVE!

Just the other day, I had a bible study with a dear friend of mine.

And you guessed it, the topic was FORGIVENESS.

You know how things can begin to shift in a direction that you did not intend it to go.

Well, that is exactly what happened.

It became a therapy session for me.

There was some people I needed to forgive.

From family to friends to abusers.

There were tears.

Lots of tears.

I didn’t realize how deep I was still affected by those who wounded my soul.

Because I held on to the unforgiveness,

I held on to their demons.

Which caused my life to self destruct.

Unforgiveness brings death.

Forgiveness brings life.

That day I chose to finally live.

To let go of what was and live in the now!

The beauty of the present.

No more being tied to the grave.

But free to finally be me.

Without all the pain, anger, bitterness, and unforgiveness.

That constantly weighed me down.

My wings have been bound.

But now they are free!

Free to soar and to become.

All that I am designed to be.




Church Hurt or Nah?

I am sitting here thinking.

About the term coined CHURCH HURT.

I have used it myself.

But I realized that was not fair.

I was blaming THE CHURCH.

For the pain and shamed I endured in THE CHURCH.

Then it dawned on me.

A light bulb moment.

It was not THE CHURCH.

But the broken people in THE CHURCH.

THE CHURCH is full of broken people.

That is why they, we are there.

Because we all need Christ.

To heal our broken pieces.

So THE CHURCH is not to blame.

It is a hospital for the sick.

Our focus should not be on the people.

But GOD!

We should never let anyone distance us from the LOVE OF GOD


So I myself, abolish the term CHURCH HURT.

It is time to move forward.

And Heal.




I Am Back!

Excuse me.

I apologize for being absent.

This is my excused letter.

Sorry to inform you.

But I needed rest!

I had to take a break.

A break from me.

A break from the world.

A break from the pressure of it all.

But now, I AM BACK!


Ready to explore.

Ready to discover.

Ready to learn.

Ready to evolve.

Ready for the pen to hit the paper.

I am refreshed.


I am here.

Stick around.

And join me.

For this new journey.



Created and formed by the DNA of my mother and father.

Only to come through the birth canal to be left.

By mother.

And father.

Whisked away by unknown  hands.

Away from the nine months of familiarity.

Into the unfamiliar.

The voices I once heard.

I no longer remember.

Learning new voices.

And new spaces.

Seeing my refection for the very  first time.

Through the eyes of rejection and abandonment.

But the DNA of my mother and father.

Still beating in the drums of my heart.

Who am I?

Why am I here?

To be left alone.

Passed from home to home.

Like the collection plate at offering time.

Certainly, I am here for a reason.

To discover who I really am.

From the passions of my heart’s desires.

I choose to stop fighting my purpose.

And just be.






We cry out for revival.

We cry out for change.

We cry out for the fire.

We cry out for the Glory.

We cry.

And we cry.

When revival is an inside job.

Lord radically change our hearts.

Into your Likeness.

So our hearts can become one with yours.

So we can run this race.

Setting the paths ablaze for your Glory.


Code Blue

The arrhythmia’s of life.

Brought me here.

My feeble heart.

Shocked by waves of pain.

Bleeding until the river runs dry.

Like the Red Sea.

The walls of my heart.

Quivering from the blows.

Life threw my way.

The beat becoming faint.

From the turbulent storms.

My breath laboring.

Is this the end?

Code Blue.


Fighting to Live

The battle.


39 years ago.

The day I entered life.

Designed in His image.

Destined with a beautiful purpose.

The fight began.

For my soul.

As I journeyed.

The intensity intensified.

Thoughts of suicide plagued me.

The destroyer.

After my heart for God.

The liar.

Lying about my identity.

The truth.

Pursuing me.

My eyesight began playing tricks.

As the war continued in my mind.

Dark rain clouds.

Pouring hopelessness.


For the light.

To illuminate the dimensions of my soul.


Are you near?

Because my strength is waning.

Lord, please!

Take this fight!

This battle is not mines.