Battling Unbelief

This morning I was laying quietly on my bed. Then I heard, “UNBELIEF.” I immediately said, LORD HELP MY UNBELIEF! But I feel as though this was directed on a much larger scale. THE CHURCH. I been thinking a lot lately about the miracles, signs, and wonders. Those things only follow those who believe!!!! But […]


Broken = Damaged or no longer in working order Other words for “Broken” are shattered, fragmented, and/or crushed. As I sit here in practically tears, I cant help but wonder is that the condition of my precious heart? I believe it to be so, and here is why! My heart has been drugged through the […]

The Funeral

You are invited. To the funeral. Here lies. The death. Of the past. The death. Of what was. The death. Of yesterday. The death. Of the lies. The death. Of the shame. The death. Of the anguish. The death. Of the unshakeable pain. The death. Of the abuse. The death. Of the trauma. The death […]

Broken Trust

They always wonder. Why am I  alone. Away from living life. Away from family gatherings. Away from the hustle and bustle. Away from politics. Away from entertainment. Away from the latest gossip. Away from the media. I tell them. Bc of Broken Trust! From the time I was a child. Those closest to me. Broke […]

Love Thyself

Loving thyself is not conceited. Loving thyself is the gateway. The gateway to love others. How you see yourself, Is how you will see others. Love all your flaws. Because they makeup your uniqueness. Be secure in love as you see yourself, Face to face in your reflection. Stare into the eyes of love. As […]

Do yourself a favor and FORGIVE!

Just the other day, I had a bible study with a dear friend of mine. And you guessed it, the topic was FORGIVENESS. You know how things can begin to shift in a direction that you did not intend it to go. Well, that is exactly what happened. It became a therapy session for me. […]

To love……Is to know God

To love, Is to know GOD, Because He is love. It is only through Him, That we understand, What love truly is. Without Him, We rely on human logic, Which fails us time and time again. So then love becomes a bad word, Misinterpreted by those who used Love’s name in vain.