Back Together

Back Together

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Last night I was sitting in my bed, with laptop in my lap, researching something in regards to my businesses… the television was on but I wasn’t really paying attention. Then Jill Scott began to sing and the words jumped right out of the television into my soul!!! I heard the song once before, but last night was different. I opened up my notebook and began to write these words….

Jill Scott wrote a song and said, “You went and put me back together again…” I heard she wrote this song about her son, I don’t really know for sure. But what I do know is this song sparked my spirit because it is exactly how I feel about God.

The words to the song (Back Together video) speaks verbatim from my lips to God’s ears. If you want to listen to the words for yourself, the video is here.

I always admire a songwriter who can speak the words that resonates with the soul. Not all of this violent and vulgar music being released in the atmosphere today; but songs that really soothes the chaotic soul.

This is one of those songs that did it for me. I mean, hey, I am a writer! Words do something magical to my spirit! Which is why I am careful what I allow in my space, but that is another blog!

God took my broken pieces… broken from a failed marriage… broken from a failed relationship with my one and only daughter… broken from a troubled past… scattered pieces from the loss of my grandparents… scattered pieces from being hurt by the church… scattered pieces from every bad choice and consequence… God took all of my broken and scattered pieces and He’s putting me back together again.

And the best part is while I was broken in a million pieces and scattered all over the place, God did not allow my mind to fail. He did not allow my health to fail. He did not allow the anxiety attacks to turn into heart attacks. He kept every beat of my broken heart to beat as it should. Even when I did not want to wake up, God kept me.

Matter of fact, the title of this blog should have been “God KEPT me”. While I was broken, God kept me. And even today, a part of me is still broken in some regard, and God yet continues to keep me.

God is putting me back together again. And when He’s done, I’ll be a better mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, boss, business partner, client, author, entrepreneur, writer, servant, storyteller, human being. I’ll be a better ME!

Thank You God for putting me back together again. I love You. #wontHedoit #Godrocks

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