Church Hurt or Nah?

I am sitting here thinking. About the term coined CHURCH HURT. I have used it myself. But I realized that was not fair. I was blaming THE CHURCH. For the pain and shamed I endured in THE CHURCH. Then it dawned on me. A light bulb moment. It was not THE CHURCH. But the broken […]

I Am Back!

Excuse me. I apologize for being absent. This is my excused letter. Sorry to inform you. But I needed rest! I had to take a break. A break from me. A break from the world. A break from the pressure of it all. But now, I AM BACK! Ready. Ready to explore. Ready to discover. […]


Created and formed by the DNA of my mother and father. Only to come through the birth canal to be left. By mother. And father. Whisked away by unknown¬† hands. Away from the nine months of familiarity. Into the unfamiliar. The voices I once heard. I no longer remember. Learning new voices. And new spaces. […]


We cry out for revival. We cry out for change. We cry out for the fire. We cry out for the Glory. We cry. And we cry. When revival is an inside job. Lord radically change our hearts. Into your Likeness. So our hearts can become one with yours. So we can run this race. […]

Code Blue

The arrhythmia’s of life. Brought me here. My feeble heart. Shocked by waves of pain. Bleeding until the river runs dry. Like the Red Sea. The walls of my heart. Quivering from the blows. Life threw my way. The beat becoming faint. From the turbulent storms. My breath laboring. Is this the end? Code Blue. […]

Fighting to Live

The battle. Begun. 39 years ago. The day I entered life. Designed in His image. Destined with a beautiful purpose. The fight began. For my soul. As I journeyed. The intensity intensified. Thoughts of suicide plagued me. The destroyer. After my heart for God. The liar. Lying about my identity. The truth. Pursuing me. My […]


A meeting place. Where man meets divinity. In the garden of¬† his heart. An exchange. His life for his. He abides. In him. He is no longer the same man before the meeting. He arises. No longer bitter and empty. Filled. With love that surpasses human understanding. Brought to his knees. Overwhelmed by the weight […]