All Grown Up (revised)

All Grown Up (revised)

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**Revised from original post**

I remember when I was a teenager, living in my mother’s home, I could not wait to be “grown” and on my own! Boy oh boy I hated when people called me a “kid”.  It’s a typical teenager hormonal overreaction to what they perceive being grown up is all about. You can make your own rules. You can stay out as late as you want. You can come and go as you please. You got money so you can buy what you want. And the list of pros and perks of being grown goes on and on. And as a teenager, you believe those things to be true. Until you actually become of age and is thrust out into this world as a grown up! Then, and only then, you find out the truth: IT AIN’T ALL IT’S CRACKED UP TO BE!!!!

Let me tell you about being a grown up (listen up teens!): in this ADULT world, if you don’t work, you don’t eat and you can’t take care of yourself or your family. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some bums that eat off of people and refuse to get a job. I am not talking about that class of people here in this post. I’m talking about the independent, responsible citizens on earth that actually want to be successful in life.

As an adult, because “grown up” is a kid term, you have bills to pay. And if you don’t pay your electric bill, the lights are turned off and hopefully, you have a stash of $1 candles you can burn for light. If you don’t pay your rent or mortgage (another adult term), the local sheriff (another adult term) will have no problem coming to physically put you and your belongings on the street!

And let’s not talk about a nice ride! Because if you want to stunt (kid term), you’re probably going to buy a nice luxury car that will eat up gas, monthly payments is mostly high interest rates due to your lack of credit, insurance high as hell, and maintenance is insane! So trying to keep up with those bills associated with the nice ride alone will set you back a “G” every month (that’s $1,000)! And that’s just in your 20’s and 30’s if you make it through that era from all of the drinking and partying.

Then as you get older, some bodily functions decease and desist. You now have to deal with high blood pressure from the stress of life, or high cholesterol from not eating right. All of those poor choices you’ve made in your earlier partying years catch up with you and you begin to “feel” it in your body. Arthritis, diabetes, cancer, stress, fatigue, weight gain/loss, etc.

Every morning, you force yourself to get up and go to a job that you most likely hate only because it pays the bills. Or if you have a job you absolutely love, you most likely sacrificed many friendships and relationships to work your ass off to get to that point of success. You’re working countless hours every single day all to give the paycheck to bills.

And if you have kids, you spend every waking moment worrying about their safety; driving them to extracurricular activities … you might as well give up on your weekends! You have to clean the house after the kids run recklessly through every room, toys everywhere, cartoons on every television, laundry becomes an all-day chore of washing, drying, folding then putting up the clothes, only to do it all over again next weekend. All of this on top of working full time! All of this in addition to your aging body. And there’s no break in life. Life goes on and you have to keep up, because you’re grown.

That is where my 19 year old daughter is right now. She’s desperately trying to be “grown” and has absolutely no real clue of what that means! As the adult, I will step aside and allow her to be grown. And if she thinks she’s strong enough to handle the adult world just because she spent four months in 24 hour lockdown and months in jail and juvenile detention, let’s just see how long it will take for her to get a dose of this real world on the outside of those jail walls.

You see, the harsh reality is she had it better in jail!! She had a place to lay her head without paying rent or mortgage, they fed her and she didn’t have to work for it, she could take a shower and not worry about paying the water bill, they even gave her clothes to wear that she didn’t pay for. Yeah, she had it good because it was the taxpayers (like me) who paid for those utilities! Now, she wants to experience freedom. Go right ahead my dear!  The first step to becoming an adult is being accountable for your actions. Apologizing when you’re wrong. Acknowledging your faults and working to be a better person, inside and out. The fact that she’s still asking me to pay for things indicate she’s still not ready for adult life!

So, there you have it. Growing up ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. So enjoy your teen years where all you have to worry about is Fruit Loops and STDs. Because being grown is a hell of a lot more than your little mind can interpret or comprehend. #dropsthemic #walksoffstage #lightsoff

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