A New Thing

How can GOD do a new thing within our lives,

If we are still holding on to the old thing.

It is easy to hold on to the familiar

Because that’s what is comfortable

Even if it is not right for us.

We don’t realize that we are fighting,

Fighting against our own prayers.

Praying for breakthrough

But still holding on to the very thing delaying the breakthrough.

What is the antidote?


Faith to trust GOD

And allow GOD to be GOD.

Stop leaning on our own understanding,

And step into His.

Divorce every lie

And believe truth.

Truth is Christ.

He came to give us life

but we want to hold on to death.

It is time for a new normal.

Either we believe Him or we don’t.

Fear has no place in our space.


Pray for wisdom to know the direction.

Pray for strength and courage to walk it out.

It is time.

Time for us to turn the chapter to A NEW THING.

Do it even if we are afraid.

Just knowing that Christ is beside us

Is enough.




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