Do yourself a favor and FORGIVE!

Just the other day, I had a bible study with a dear friend of mine.

And you guessed it, the topic was FORGIVENESS.

You know how things can begin to shift in a direction that you did not intend it to go.

Well, that is exactly what happened.

It became a therapy session for me.

There was some people I needed to forgive.

From family to friends to abusers.

There were tears.

Lots of tears.

I didn’t realize how deep I was still affected by those who wounded my soul.

Because I held on to the unforgiveness,

I held on to their demons.

Which caused my life to self destruct.

Unforgiveness brings death.

Forgiveness brings life.

That day I chose to finally live.

To let go of what was and live in the now!

The beauty of the present.

No more being tied to the grave.

But free to finally be me.

Without all the pain, anger, bitterness, and unforgiveness.

That constantly weighed me down.

My wings have been bound.

But now they are free!

Free to soar and to become.

All that I am designed to be.




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