Save me. From myself. Save me. From the anger suppressed within. Save me. From the twisted lies. Save me. From my ignorance. Save me. From the same ole mistakes. Save me. From the walls I have built. Save me. From chains of my heart. Save me. From shattered pieces of my soul. Save me. From […]

The past.

It has become my addiction. My safe dysfunction. Paying homage to it everyday. Kneeling down to it. Allowing it to steer my life. Needing a 12 step program For this drug (past) of mine. I cling to it like a child to hisĀ  mother. Hoping it would comfort my pain. Replaying the memories constantly. Rarely […]


Marching for a cause. Turns into hate. Obscenities thrown around. Like yesterday old news. Streets brewing with strife. Turning communities upside down. Making noise to be heard. The truth drowned. By the turbulent waters. Standing for what is right. Now becoming what is wrong. Lost by the blindness of our soul.