As evil entered the world. It came to twist the minds. From the truth. Onto self. Onto the world. Onto deceitful doctrines. We have been twisted by the lies. Of ignorance. Of unbelief. Of doubt. Of selfishness. Of confusion. Of our past. Trying to control. What is controlling us. As we start to entwine. The […]

Grave Clothes

I am dressed. But why I am still wearing these clothes? The same ole clothes that I was buried in. Now I live. But these clothes are strangling me. Permitting me from living the chosen life. I constantly rip them off. Only to find them on again.        

A Different World

Children are very creative. Even as they experience trauma. They create. They create their own world. Or bubble so to speak. To escape. From the bee sting of life. As time passes them by. They are an adult. Living in a world within a world. They created. They are hard to connect with. They are […]

All Eyes On Me

I have never been the one to cause attention to myself. I never liked being the center of attention. I became use to being hidden from the spotlight. I was accustomed to people overlooking me. I faded into the darkness of my soul. Darkness was all around me. Suffocating me from the light. The truth. […]

Closet Space

I sit here confined. In my closet. Fighting for space. To make myself at home. Away from the world. Away from the confusion. Away from the lies. Away from the sadness. I sit here in darkness. With light peeking under the door. Trying to reach me. As I make room to become uncomfortable comfortable.  

Broken Pieces

I stepped on broken pieces. Not realizing they were pieces of my soul. Cut by the pain of my past. Bleeding from the lacerations of rejection. Hurting everything I touched. Not knowing broken pieces cut.