Only God Can Judge Me

You judge me before I enter a room. You see my brown skin. You see my curly kinks. You see my tall stature. You see me with four kids. And no dad. You see me with only a two year degree. You look down upon me. Because you climbed the ladder. A little higher. If […]

Failed Love

You said you loved me. You said you would always be there. You said I could always count on you. You lied. You left me when I needed you most. I called and called. You never answered. Love never fails. But your love did.


I have been lost without you. Searching day and night. Only to come up empty handed. Blinded by lies. Entangled in the past. Stuck in quick sand. Waiting for you. Your silence. Has left me in misery. The chaos of my soul. Is so loud. Be still. My life. Draw near. Acknowledge Him. Before time. […]

Glass House

I sit gazing at the world. Time passing me by. Alone. Surrounded by humanity. But left unnoticed. I hear a sound. The beat of my heart. I have listened to its rhythm. Called life. While the Earth rotates. And I sit watching. Each day unfold. I see them. But they don’t see me. Because I […]