In A Moment

Riding in the backseat. With mommy and daddy in my view. Playing with my baby doll. Enjoying the summer breeze. Mommy laughing with daddy. Coasting along the highway. Taking the scenic route. Then daddy slowed down. Mommy got nervous. Behind me were red and blue lights. What did daddy do? A man gave daddy instructions. […]


I believe Father’s Day is one of the hardest holidays to face. Simply because there are so many absentee dads. In the African-American culture alone seventy-percent of dads are not in the home. Our kids are being raised in single parent homes and so many mothers are left with the responsibility alone. We have kids […]


An explosion of colors. Plastered in the sky. A love letter. Sent to remind. Of His faithfulness. So you will never have to wonder. That He thinks the world of you.    

Solace Keeper

There is a place where I can lay my head. When I have been blinded from hope. It is a place that reaches beyond my limitations. Greater than my bed of affliction. Silences the noise in my head. Rest the matters of my heart. A place of refuge. Escaping from the misfiring of negative bullets […]

4 Lights

4 lights came into the Earth. Formed fearfully in the womb of their mother. Heart beating for their Father. D.N.A of an undefeated King. Clothed with humanity. Strength of a lion. Armored with love. Overflowing with mercy. Wise as wisdom. Born with a purpose. To radiate the rays within.    

Stone Cold Love

Pregnant with life. Punched by hate. A love that grew cold. The mother of his child. He forgot to handle me with care. My body lay lifeless on the naked floor. Hearing the racing of my heartbeat. Wondering? How could this be? The life I lived. Screaming for help. But no one heard. Accept my […]


Your first love. Is calling you. Back home. To the secret place. The garden. The place where true love dwells. To cultivate a safe place. A place of hope. And freedom. To be nurtured by love.