I believe Father’s Day is one of the hardest holidays to face. Simply because there are so many absentee dads. In the African-American culture alone seventy-percent of dads are not in the home. Our kids are being raised in single parent homes and so many mothers are left with the responsibility alone. We have kids raising themselves because mothers are working several jobs just to make ends meet. She is present but not present because she is thinking about the next bill.

She is present but not present because she is thinking about the next bill.

Our young men are dying before they reach the age of 20 because most of them have become products of the streets. The mothers are at work while the children are home being mentored by the school of hard knock life. They join gangs to fit in and be accepted. Everyone wants to be accepted and loved. So choices are made on the basis of what is made available to them. They become waxed cold to the requirements to be joined to a network that brings destruction. They see it as love.

What is the solution? (My Opinion)

We need to keep encouraging the good men that are out there that have accepted their calling and have discussions that will help others.  I believe we need more men who have a heart to take on another man’s child and raise them as their own. Our boys need to see positive male role models who put their family on the forefront and take care of responsibility. They need the love of a Father because God designed two parents not one.

A boy needs to be affirmed and accepted by his dad. A girl needs to be covered by his love so she will not settle for a man who treats her less and know her worth.-NickySpeaks

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