Sitting here pondering.


I made a mess.

I tried to be the author of my life.


I am not the author.

He knows the plans.

His ways are not mine.

He wins.

I tried.

I failed miserably.

I collided with Truth.

I am here.

Ready to be cleaned.



How can I soar when my wings are broken?

Battered and bruised from weathering the storms.

Exhaustion has set in.

I can barely move.

My mind and body needs rest.

There is some fight still left in me.

But my wings need repairing.

There is healing in resting.

I will rest.

I will be still.

So I can soar even higher.


The Samaritan

I am thirsty.

The jars are empty.

I need to go to the well.

I dont want anyone to see me there.

I will go at noon.

I see a Jew.

He will not speak to me.

I sit at the well.

He speaks.

He wants water.

Why is He asking me?

I am a Samaritan.

He has the living water.

How can He get it?

He has nothing to draw with.

Where can I get this living water?

Not from this well.

It only comes from Him.

I will never thirst again.

I need this water.

I will never come back to this well.

He supplies all my needs.

I am going to tell everyone.

He (Messiah) is here.