Why do we settle? Because we don’t trust His plan. His plan is far better. Than we could imagine or think. Why settle for a part-time lover? When we can have a full-time lover. Short changing our destiny? Insecurities have plagued our hearts. We are blinded. By what makes us beautiful. Our flaws. We are […]

A Home For You

A place where love greets you. Morning. Noon. Night. The light never dims. Joy. Laughter. Music. Cozy seats by the fire. Peace. Reflection. Meditate. Backyard of discovery. Dreams. Stars. Hope.          

Soul Behavior

Mind. Will. Emotions. The soul makeup. Your father leaves. Wound. Bestfriend betrays you. Wound. The soul is bleeding. Anxiety. Depression. Emotional wreck. Seek Help. Healing. Beautiful scars. Love wins.          

The Window Seat

I love sitting by the window. Seeing through the lenses of perception. What is that I see? Movement. Birds Flying. Clouds forming. Sun rising. Children playing. Cars speeding. Construction. I sit in stillness. Watching. Evolving as the world around me evolve.  


Sitting here pondering. Life. I made a mess. I tried to be the author of my life. Newsflash. I am not the author. He knows the plans. His ways are not mine. He wins. I tried. I failed miserably. I collided with Truth. I am here. Ready to be cleaned.  


How can I soar when my wings are broken? Battered and bruised from weathering the storms. Exhaustion has set in. I can barely move. My mind and body needs rest. There is some fight still left in me. But my wings need repairing. There is healing in resting. I will rest. I will be still. […]