To My Children

Dear Elijah, Anyah, Amari, Xavier,   God chose me to bring all of you into this world. Sometimes I wonder why He chose me. I was a young mother. Making MANY mistakes. I often feel regret. Because you were brought into my instability. I was looking for love. But found it all in the wrong […]

Teen Mother

I became pregnant at 18 and a mother at 19. Scared and filled with fear. Fear of our future. The life inside me growing daily. But worries filled my space. A boy the nurse told me. Happy and sad. Would I be left alone to raise him? A boy needs his father. To teach him […]

The Struggle

The flesh is weak. The world feeds our flesh. The word feeds our Spirit. There is a battle daily. Who wins?!?! Flesh brings death. Spirit brings life. Are we living or dying? Do we choose Jesus? Or do we choose them? My heart is beating. But who is it beating for? I desire Him. But […]


I awaken to the sun that sets upon my face. I am being kissed by the dawn of a new morning. My tears have dried. New mercies today. I sit on the porch gazing into the sunset. His light shines into my darkness. Oh the beauty of his handiwork! As the sun arise I arise […]

Tragedy of the Heart

To have lived and not loved is a tragedy of the heart. Love is learned. Parents get the role to teach their offspring love. But what happens when love is lost? There is a God size void in the heart. A void only He can fill. But we tend to fill it with everything but […]