I created a world when I was a child to escape the pain. Now I am an adult stuck in the world I created. How do I get free? Endless cycles that need to be broken. Unstable. Lost at sea. No life jacket. I am drowning in my mess. Crying but who can hear me. […]

Love Leads The Way

His love awakens me in the morning. It guides me at noon. I am lost without it. His love is the compass of my heart. It is my light in the darkness. His love shields me. I am protected. His melodies surround me. I lie awake at night listening to lyrics of His love. His […]

Unfailing Love

Since the day I was formed in my mothers womb, your love surrounded me. You knitted me in your unfailing love before I took a breath. As the waters broke and I took my first breath, your love filled my lungs. You gave me life as I cried my first song to the reaction of […]


I sit in the shadows of this cage waiting for someone to unlock the door. Unlock the door to my destiny. I have been singing the same song But now it is time for me to sing a new song. A song of Liberty. A song of Hope. Next time I see the rays of […]

Dear Nicky

Childhood is a place of laughter, learning and growing. But you were robbed. Your innocence was stolen. Your white dress became stained with condemnation and guilt. You no longer felt clean. Life threw you on many paths because you where searching for truth. The truth was in front of you this whole time. But you […]

Go Away Pain

You and I have become one. You met me in my childhood. I have tried to get rid of you But to no avail. You have left me alone and isolated. I am here figuring out life through your eyes. Everything through your eyes has distorted my perception. You run deep in the depths of […]


  I am waiting. Waiting for patience to teach me to wait. So I sit still in the midst of a busy world. Constantly being distracted by the thoughts of my mind. But yet I wait. I wait to learn how to be disciplined. I wait for direction. I wait for Him. Because He is […]