I surrender. My heart. My soul. My mind. My body. My will. My emotions. My life. I give it all to you. I give you my life in exchange for yours. I surrender. So I can enter paradise with you. I surrender. I am yours.  

Not A Mistake

You are not a mistake. You were born for purpose. You are here. You are breathing. Life is within you. Change your thoughts. Believe. Get rid of the lies. Fill your life with truth. The truth is you matter! Look into the mirror. See the beautiful reflection of a masterpiece. Its not over. Begin again. […]

Love Come Find Me

How can I know love when love was never introduced to me? I was introduced to a cold dark world as a child. My innocence being taken before it began. Love where were you? I was left searching for you. But I couldn’t find you. Because I didn’t know what I truly was looking for. […]

I am sorry

I am sorry for being so consumed with my pain that I didn’t see you. You were one of the best things that ever happened to me. A gift from GOD. I am sorry for not nurturing you as I should. I was too busy being confined to my own darkness. I was looking for […]

A Way Out

Life has offered me a dish of sufferings. I have bounced back numerous times by His grace. But this time I am in the deepest of valleys. He is light. So why cant I see my way out? Maybe the darkness of my soul has blinded me. I look up and cry out with the […]

Unveil My Heart

Unveil my heart And you will see the shreds of my heart dangling to keep form. Unveil my heart And you will see the cries of my heart. Unveil my heart And you will see the depths of my soul. Unveil my heart And you will know who I am. Unveil my heart And listen […]

Let Go

Stop holding on. Let go. You have done it your way. Its not helping. There is more harm than good. You’ve become comfortable in this place. Dysfunction. You dont know what normal is anymore. Reach out. Get Help. Stop holding on to what was! The past is behind you. Its eating away your future. Let […]