Love Come Find Me

How can I know love when love was never introduced to me?

I was introduced to a cold dark world as a child.

My innocence being taken before it began.

Love where were you?

I was left searching for you.

But I couldn’t find you.

Because I didn’t know what I truly was looking for.

I found you in all the wrong places.

In those places I found great pain and sorrow.

Love, why didn’t you find me.

I been lost in the shadows of lies.

Love awaken me.

Awaken me to the sound of your beat.

I was created to love and be loved.

Love consume me with the fire of  your being.

Burn away all the pain of yesterday.

Fill me with your warm embrace.

I need you.

Teach me to walk with you until eternity.

Knock on the doors of my heart.

So I can know you.




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