What Matters Most……..

We live in a world that thrives on social media and presenting ourselves before others that we may get the necessary likes or attention to prove we are loved. We constantly check FB or Instagram to see if someone likes what GOD has created. I remember that God says in Psalm 139 that we are fearfully and wonderfully made so why do we look for others to tell us we are beautiful or talented. Everyone strives for that perfect selfie or that good side but we must understand that even on our worst day that we are GODS MASTERPIECE.

As I read my devotion this morning, Jesus reminds me in Psalm 147:11 that what matters most is the state of my heart. God is looking for a heart that is devoted to him and honors Him as the King of all Kings. I must admit that my heart has been broken several times over and I allowed bitterness to spring up. The poison of bitterness began to darken my soul from molestation, abandonment, rejection, and abuse. My soul was left in shambles by the pain of my past and left my heart in pieces left to figure out life through dark lenses.

I am threw performing so that others may like me or see me but now I submit myself mind, body, and soul to Jesus Christ to carve out the darkness by His precious light. In this season, I will BE STILL so that the surgeon, greatest physician, Jesus may perform spiritual heart surgery upon this broken vessel. Jesus Christ came so that I don’t have to be broken any longer but WHOLE! I choose to wake up everyday and give my heart to the one who made me. You will find me sitting at the feet of  Jesus Christ and allowing Him to pour His love so that darkness no longer has a seat in my soul.

I challenge you in this season to allow Jesus to examine your heart so that you can be on the right pathway and be in right standing with Him. We must constantly allow the Holy Spirit to check our hearts because they can become hardened and far away from the presence of GOD if we are not careful to stay in His word. You are what matters most to GOD and the condition of your heart. Say a simple prayer today and give Jesus your heart so that He can fill you with His pure love. I will be doing the same!


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