In the Meantime

There has been a social media frenzy on “getting married”, “finding the one”, “waiting for the one”, and so forth. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, but the problem is that it can cause women and men to idolize “being married” if they are not careful.

Yes, God is putting together kingdom marriages for His designated purposes. There is a time and season for everything. We must understand when it is our season and that comes by deep intimacy with Jesus Christ.

The world puts much focus on the preparation of a wedding, but there is less preparation on becoming a wife or husband. We will spend thousands of dollars for one day but will not invest in having our hearts circumcised by the Holy Spirit. And we wonder why divorce is steadily arising.

During our time of singleness, is a time to align our lives with The True Vine. Our focus should be on becoming one with Christ and not a man or woman. God knows the desire of our hearts because He has placed them there, but we must desire Jesus above all else.

While others are finding their joy in something that is temporary,  we must find our joy in the Eternal GOD. Our joy is complete in Him and in Him alone. God is our Father and He created us to worship Him. Worship is a lifestyle and it brings us into the fullness of the Creator.

In a world where control is the new best friend, we must submit ourselves to God daily. It is through submission that we learn the divine order of marriage and the intended purposes of covenant.  We also learn humility and being selfless as we submit to Christ. As we reflect Christ, our future marriage will as well.

There is order in the Kingdom of God and we as followers of Jesus Christ must adhere to His word if we want good success. Marriages, today are failing because they are out of order. We must not allow ourselves to get caught up in the hype and keep our minds fixed upon the Lord. In the meantime, enjoy being captivated by God’s love!

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