Do you feel like you’re all alone? Do you feel like no one cares?  Do you feel like no one truly understands you?  Do you feel like no one hears you?  Then keep reading…

Have you ever felt “stuck”? Have you ever wondered “how the hell did that happen”? Have you ever been in such a dark place of hurt for so long, you lost hope that you would ever smile again? Do you feel as though you’re all alone and no one understands or cares about you?


Those are what I would like to call the “nevers”. What do you do when something you “never” thought would or could happen, does actually happens? And you are left with the pieces. And those pieces can be loneliness, despair, depression, anxiety, sadness, grief, anger, disappointment, distrust, etc. So, again, I ask, what do you do when you find yourself in the land of a “never”?


I found myself dealing with my “nevers”, the realities of life, the broken pieces of my scattered past. Yes, it happened to me. I was a victim of domestic violence for over a decade! And I kept quiet!!! So I began to search for a way out of that darkness. Out of my pain was birthed Matters of My Heart’s Emotional Support Program that specifically addresses When “Never” Happens because “It Happened To Me.”


It’s a program designed BY the hurt FOR the hurt. Our message is simple: you are NOT alone. Let us help you get un-stuck. Let us journey with you towards being emotionally healed and living on purpose. It happened TO you, but it does not have to BE you. Your past does not define you, it refines you. And you, too, can break free from the cycle of pain with the right tools and support team. And we can show you how. Schedule your FREE consultation today!


Special Message from the Founder of Matters of My Heart, LLC

I will say this again: You are NOT alone. Let Matters of My Heart help you deal with your “nevers”!

To learn more about the birth of Matters of My Heart, LLC, listen here.

For more information about the Emotional Support Program, schedule a FREE consultation here. And let’s take this first step towards emotional healing together!



With love,


Jamie ‘Jai’ Hopkins, Emotional Fitness Strategist
Founder of Matters of My Heart, LLC
Email: info@mattersofmyheart.com